Recipe For Success

Playing off the idea of recipes and cookbooks, this is a hand lettered list of “ingredients” that I believe attributes to success in accomplishing your goals. The final piece is digitally lettered and, to play off the idea of food recipes further, mocked up into a photograph that I styled, captured and edited.


I began by listing out all the qualities I wanted to include, then determined the best way to write them out (factoring in what made sense as a measurement, such as making perseverance something that needed to be minced as a play off hardship). Once the copy was created, I blocked out the general layout and treated each quality as its own lettering and illustration composition problem to solve. Upon finalizing layout, I then added color and flourishes for interest and balance, sticking to a restricted color palette to create a unified look.


Here is the transition from sketch to refined execution. The final piece was then creating by setting up a flat lay, photographing, and using photoshop to mock up the artwork in a cookbook to build on the recipe concept.