Skeleton Key Monogram

A fun custom monogram and skeleton key graphic for a brewery local to Chicago to be used on various merchandise and beer products including but not limited to tshirts, hoodies, beer can labels, pins and magnets.

Client: Skeleton Key Brewery
Role: Art direction, custom lettering


Finalized skeleton key graphic with monogram embedded


The project brief was to create a graphic that could be used on business merchandise. Art direction was left open for my interpretation, and we discussed focusing on typographic treatments as well as incorporating imagery such as keys, hops and barley in a unique way.


I sketched three proposed concepts, ranging from more ornate and decorative type to a graphical, monogrammed key. The client ended up choosing both concepts 2 and 3, with 3 as the main graphic and 2 for secondary use on some clothing merchandise.


Referenced skeleton keys and monograms as inspiration for the key design. Chose to cleverly intertwine the brewery’s initials, “SKB,” into the key design so a viewer can notice the initials upon closer inspection.


Drew multiple pencil and ink sketches for texture variation, scanned and layered into photoshop, then transferred to illustrator to convert to a final vectorized file.


Skeleton Key Brewery displayed this graphic on multiple clothing items, including hoodies, tshirts and tanks.


The key graphic also sized well into magnets and pins.