Starbucks Gift Card

Gift card concept for Starbucks, which I always thought would be such a fun project to take on. I chose to play off the phrase, "There's always room for dessert." I can’t always make room for dessert fan I can definitely make room for coffee (with a particular weakness for a good cup of Starbucks coffee, or a soy flat white for those special days).


Sketched out six concepts in layout to factor in the placement of the Starbucks logo. Chose the last one based on readability, movement, and a little whimsy. Adjusted “coffee" lettering to script to emulate the movement of the coffee spill. The thicker shapes would also provide opportunity for vibrant blocks of color to stand out at gift card size, and the coffee spill could be a clever way to cover up the bar strip that's on the back since that part of the area will be clear.


Process shot on Procreate


Proposed color comps in mockup. I chose the top option for its contrasting colors, and the orange can help the card stand out.


Concept mocked up for web browser and mobile use.